Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Flea Market Finds...

I'm not ashamed to admit that my heart has a weak spot for flea markets and thrift stores. There is something that gets me amped up to think what sort of vintage treasures I might be able to find at any given time to take home, add to my collection and cherish. My last trip to the flea market was no exception as I think I may have found the most vintage necklaces in one trip ever. I love how they are all so different ranging from dancing indians flanked with turquoise, to a rosary-esque white and gold number, a painted scene on a cameo and a green stone ankh. Whenever I say I need some more vintage jewelry to add to my increasing collection my boyfriend think I'm crazy, but honestly each piece I find is so different and it's fun to think of the stories behind them. One day I'll have to take a picture of my entire collection, but until then I'll just keep adding to it!

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