Friday, March 25, 2011

Vermont's Finest...

So the excitement of my Friday came from the ice cream section of the grocery store today. I was looking to see if Jimmy Fallon's new flavor was available but quickly made a detour once I saw Red Velvet Cake. So the description on the pint goes a little something like this: red velvet cake batter ice cream with red velvet cake pieces and a cream cheese frosting swirl. Basically it's amazingly delicious as just about every Ben & Jerry's flavor is so if you love Red Velvet like me, definitely give it a try.

-Love Peace & Vintage

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Mix Old With The New...

Don't get me wrong I love the year round warm weather that LA brings, it was one of the reasons I decided to move out west, but the cooler days lately have allowed me to break out some staples and a new purchase.

I love this pair of black tights I got years ago, no matter how many other pairs I've bought they never match up to these. They are the perfect opacity, super comfortable and are actually warm, something my boyfriend never believes when I tell him. That being said, they were a natural choice to wear on this colder day when I wanted to break out my new tunic. I was really excited when I thrifted this Winter Kate tunic a couple weeks back, not because it was a great price but because when I walked in someone else was holding it. I couldn't believe my luck when the girl ended up putting it back on the rack I was looking at, the most difficult part was silently counting down the seconds before I grabbed it so that I didn't appear too desperate.

What I'm Wearing:
Abercrombie Jean Jacket, Winter Kate Grace Tunic, Jeffrey Campbell Nation Boots, Yves Saint Laurent Boheme Bag

-Love Peace & Vintage

Monday, March 21, 2011

The Seventh Astrological Sign...

I was so excited to find this vintage treasure during my latest trip to the flea market. I instantly fell in love with the way the chunky link bracelet looks paired with the oversized charm and I couldn't believe my luck that it was the libra scales which is my zodiac sign.

-Love Peace & Vintage

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Wherever Indians Are, Cowboys Aren't Far Behind...

Dear Isabel Marant,
Why do you always torture me by coming out with AMAZING collections that have me coveting after every look? I seriously need the navajo print dress and those ridiculous knee high fringe boots in my closet...STAT!

-Love Peace & Vintage

Friday, March 18, 2011

Luck O' The Irish...

To celebrate St. Patrick's Day I opted for green cupcakes instead of green beer after seeing this revamped red velvet cake recipe here. I love the way the cake turned out in such a vibrant shade and the shamrock sprinkles I got at NY Cake West a few weeks ago were the perfect addition. How did you celebrate?

-Love Peace & Vintage

Hearts and Arrows...

I was excited to read about jeweler Pamela Love's upcoming collaboration with megastore Topshop in the newest issue of Vogue. I've been an admirer of her line for some time now and seeing the first images of her initial collection with Topshop has me antsy for it to release at the end of the month. There aren't a lot of details as of yet but I'm really hoping that it won't be in store only as there still is no Topshop here in LA.

-Love Peace & Vintage

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Fat Tuesday...

In honor of Fat Tuesday I decided to create my own version of Café du Monde in New Orleans at home yesterday. I had seen beignet mix and coffee with chicory at World Market and decided to give it a shot. The instructions for the beignets seemed super simple with only a few steps but I ended up tossing my first batch of dough as the consistency was off and stuck to the rolling pin and board. I used less water the second round and was able to create perfect squares of dough to fry. I had never tried either the coffee or beignets before so I was curious as how they would taste and I was not disappointed at all. The beignets were like tastier mini versions of fried dough from a carnival I had as a kid, and the cafe au lait was like a cappuccino with hot milk instead of steamed. I look forward to trying the authentic version in New Orleans some day but until then, the mix and canned coffee will definitely do.

-Love Peace & Vintage

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I Like You A Latte...

Somehow a Spanish Latte from Urth Caffé always brings sun to a rainy day. It's a delicious blend of espresso with steamed condensed milk and if you haven't tried one yet, you have no idea what you're missing!

-Love Peace & Vintage

The Brit Is Back...

Make fun of me if you wish, but I'm a huge fan of Britney. My boyfriend even drove to my mom's house during a snow storm to give me the "Baby One More Time" CD single, by the way that's totally a true story! And I may or may not have made my sister dance for hours with me to the video so we could memorize the choreography, okay enough about 16 year old me for now. Well Britney's back with her new cd and to promote Mario Testino shot this ethereal set of pictures for V Magazine, and I absolutely love how the color saturation sets off the simple hair and wardrobe.

-Love Peace & Vintage

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Black Magic...

I'm absolutely in love with everything about Nicole Richie's look at the QVC party.