Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Makin' Whoopie...

Okay, Okay so I fell into my fear and haven't blogged in what seems to be forever. Well I am scolding myself right now and jumping back on the blog wagon! Since I have moved out to Los Angeles from New Hampshire I have found random little things that I miss from being back home. So far on my list is Fluff (Californians JetPuff Mallow creme is NOT the same!), Teddie's peanut butter which is pretty much heaven, the coffee place I used to frequent every morning and whoopie pies. The other day after receiving a package of the first two items from my father I felt inspired to make some whoopie pies to cure the craving and use the new pan I bought at Williams Sonoma. I found a recipe online from one of the places I used to buy whoopies from and attempted to make them for the first time myself. I have decided that next time I'll use less batter to make the cakes so that the filling isn't overpowered but other than that I would consider it success!

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  1. Very impressive baking skills! And cute blog! Have fun in La.