Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Brit Is Back...

Make fun of me if you wish, but I'm a huge fan of Britney. My boyfriend even drove to my mom's house during a snow storm to give me the "Baby One More Time" CD single, by the way that's totally a true story! And I may or may not have made my sister dance for hours with me to the video so we could memorize the choreography, okay enough about 16 year old me for now. Well Britney's back with her new cd and to promote Mario Testino shot this ethereal set of pictures for V Magazine, and I absolutely love how the color saturation sets off the simple hair and wardrobe.

-Love Peace & Vintage


  1. AMAZING! She looks like the old brit!

  2. I totally agree and am so excited to hear the new cd!

  3. I love your story about being 16.