Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Fat Tuesday...

In honor of Fat Tuesday I decided to create my own version of Café du Monde in New Orleans at home yesterday. I had seen beignet mix and coffee with chicory at World Market and decided to give it a shot. The instructions for the beignets seemed super simple with only a few steps but I ended up tossing my first batch of dough as the consistency was off and stuck to the rolling pin and board. I used less water the second round and was able to create perfect squares of dough to fry. I had never tried either the coffee or beignets before so I was curious as how they would taste and I was not disappointed at all. The beignets were like tastier mini versions of fried dough from a carnival I had as a kid, and the cafe au lait was like a cappuccino with hot milk instead of steamed. I look forward to trying the authentic version in New Orleans some day but until then, the mix and canned coffee will definitely do.

-Love Peace & Vintage

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