Thursday, January 21, 2010

Living My Life Like It's Golden...

Awards season began last Sunday and despite the rainy day in Los Angeles there were a few attendees who still shined in their dress choices. When I first saw Emily Blunt in the etherial pink Dolce & Gabanna gown I knew she had to be on my best dressed list. Since her breakout role in "The Devil Wears Prada" she has consistently dressed to impress and I can't wait to see what else she has lined up during this season. Another favorite of mine was Penelope Cruz, honestly there is no better way to describe her look here other than pure glamour. She looked absolutely stunning in her Armani number, but honestly I don't think there is many a time when she doesn't outshine others on the red carpet. I was a bit upset that she didn't pick up any awards for her performance in "NINE" because I thought she was amazingly charming and sexy in that role, well there are always more awards shows I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for her! Zoe Saldana to me was my breakout out fashion winner of the night. I adored her burgundy colored Louis Vuitton dress and thought she wore it well. I didn't see her on the red carpet but when she walked out on stage to hand out an award I was struck by how fabulous she looked. I still have not see "Avatar" but it's on my list for the next week! The Screen Actor Guild Awards are this Saturday and I can't wait to see what the stylists have up their sleeves for that red carpet.

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